Christal Zoo Gemstone Shop

There is no better style value than selecting from our wide array of semi-precious gemstone beads due to their high quality make and wide gemstone selection in unusual shapes. We have the variety of semi-precious gemstone beads design styles and colors you need, plus the shapes you want Рincluding oval, round and faceted gemstone. 

Beautiful, custom cut stones to fire your creativity. We source and cut with the focus on quality, individuality and choice. We are always adding to our collection and are happy to take requests for custom orders.


Some Precious Stones in our Gallery

If you’re looking to indulge in elegance, the Collection from Christal Zoo Gemstone Shop is perfect for you. You’ll see some of the world’s rarest and most exceptional diamonds and gemstones set in handcrafted, custom designs. You won’t find this caliber of jewelry anywhere else in Kilimanjaro. Each piece is designed to showcase the gem’s natural beauty and the sheer brilliance of the stone.

Part of Our Gemstone Showcase